Samosa Hut & Grill

Paneer Chili Pakora

Paneer Chili Pakora 6.99 JalapeƱo and paneer cubes dipped into spicy chick pea batter and fried until golden brown.

Grilled Paneer Tikka

Grilled Paneer Tikka 6.99 2 skewers of cubes of paneer with green bell peppers marinated in our signature sauce.

Vegetable Pakoras

Vegetable Pakoras 6.99 Mixed fresh seasonal vegetable dipped in spicy chick pea batter and fried to golden brown.


Hummus 6.99 A generous helping of our homemade hummus, olives and peppers, served with toasted pita bread

Potato & Onion Fritters

Potato & Onion Fritters 5.99 Thinly sliced potatoes and onions dipped in seasoned chick pea batter and fried to perfection, garnished with cilantro.


Cassava/Mogo 6.99 6.99 Deep fried cassava also called yuca or mogo seasoned with our signature peri peri spice, truly a unique start to your meal.

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11:30 AM-8:30 PM

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1129 Coker Street Irving, TX, 75062